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In today's world people are relaxed regarding moving and relocating for better jobs and an improved and advanced lifestyle. Hopping cities especially by the younger generation is a prominent feature of this era. We are a team of professional Packers and Movers in Ajmer who have been helping people to relocate smoothly. We pack, transport, unpack and rearrange your goods and items with professional care. And our well trained packaging and transporting experts employ the best techniques and tools to get the work done as quickly as possible. Just think your burden of packing is on someone else and you have all the time to catch up with your friends before leaving the city; won't it be awesome. You can set yourself free from all the hassles of packing and moving the whole household goods by yourself, by availing our easy and expert services. We let you have enough time for focusing on many other important tasks that only you can undertake like transferring your bank account, finding new schools for your kinds or finding a new house in your newly adopted city/locality. There are number of tasks that will need your attention other than just packing. Let our Relocation in Ajmer team unburden you a little of this packing and moving task.

Majority of our clients comprise of:
Individuals/Professionals – People who are professionals working in banks, companies, ngo, schools, colleges, etc. Their jobs are mostly transferable and so they have to shift from one city to another. These individuals change jobs for better salaries and perks. We understand that you have very short deadlines to join at your new job post and so you can easily avail our Home Shifting Service Ajmer to save your time on packing your belongings.

Families – A large number of families migrate to different cities for better lifestyles and higher job opportunities. Family homes have a large chunk of household goods and it's highly difficult to personally pack each and everything. Our team of expert Packers and Movers in Ajmer will help your family in packing, loading, transporting and rearranging your belongings without the slightest of damage.

Traders – Traders have large number of items in huge quantities. They are in constant need of Relocation in Ajmer services to pack and move their goods locally as well as inter-city. We have established ourselves as trusted partner among traders. We pack items in multiple layers of material to save them from any damage.

Companies and Offices – Many big and small companies shift their offices and warehouses for the better and spacious ones. These organizations have things like computers, furniture, stationery, telephones and hell lot of important and private papers, documents and books. Our experts from Home Shifting Service Ajmer know how to professionally pack these items section and department wise. Our crew is reliable and maintains client's privacy.

NGO – These non-governmental organizations do a lot o social work. They go to villages and distribute useful things like clothes, eatables, blankets, medical kits, books, etc. They even conduct workshops of computer learning, craft making, and educational classes and so on. For undertaking these credible tasks they have to carry bulky things like computers, blackboards, books. We have aided many such groups with our Packers and Movers in Ajmer service so that they are able to start their valuable classes without any delay.

Foreign Tourists and Scholars – Ajmer and Pushkar being world famous religious places many foreign and Indian tourists flock here for spiritual purposes or for undertaking religious and cultural study projects. They make Ajmer and Pushkar their temporary home and so when they leave they have a much larger baggage with collected items over the time. Many of our happy clients fall in this category. We help them with our Relocation in Ajmer services when they move in or out of these cities.

Local Relocates – They comprise of local people who are having their house renovated and temporarily want to shift their furniture to our warehouse, or people who are shifting too their new house with the city of Ajmer. Our clients also include students who want to shift their PG/flat. All of our clients are happy with our Home Shifting Service Ajmer.

We Aim to Keep you Tension Free Throughout the Entire Process:
You simply don't have to worry about lifting your heavy furniture and bringing it down the flight of stairs all by yourself. We as professionals have advance tools and techniques to undertake these major tasks easily. We wrap your belongings in tough packing material so that not even a scratch comes to them. Our professionals are well-trained to pack every room of your home in an organized and timely manner so that rearranging it in your new home is smooth and easy. Packing material used by us is of high end quality like tough boxes, tying ropes and tapes, layers of papers, tough bubble wraps, etc.

Attributes of Our Team:
Law abiding citizens – We as a Packers and Movers in Ajmer hire an employee only after doing detail background check of their history and past whereabouts. So we request our clients to feel free regarding their reliability.

Well-trained – All our team members undergo induction training and on the job training. We keep their knowledge updated with the latest tools and techniques of this industry so that always exceed the expectations of our clients.

Well Disciplined - We employ only those individuals who have high ethics. We even have regular checks on their activities and performances.

Dedicated, Hardworking and Diligent – Our experts are truly dedicated to their work and thrive to constantly improve their performances and client serving abilities.

Maintain client privacy – We as Relocation in Ajmer team maintain total privacy of our clients' details and important information. There is no chance of leakage of valuable data. Our computer network is well protected.

Shifting and Relocating are becoming more and more common these days. They are seen as an indispensible of the modern day lifestyle. But the thought of packing and moving the entire house sends chill down the spine of many people. Most of them get tensed and clueless regarding where and how to start the packing and how to transport all the items, big and small, safely to the new location, irrespective of the distance. We all know that is a Herculean Task. And specially packing and moving the heavy items like sofa and refrigerator can turn out to be a nightmare. The need for a professional hand in the field of Relocating has led to the development of Packers and Movers and Courier Services in almost every city.


Ajmer is also seeing the rise of such professionals who are expert in the field of House Shifting. It is time that you take the advantage of these developments and hire Packers and Movers in Ajmer.

Home shifting services in Ajmer are making relocating much easier and stress free. Ajmer is a two – tier city. This means that it is not a metro city where the pace of new things entering the lifestyle is quite fast and rapid. But useful services like that of Packers and Movers are coming up in Ajmer. Packers and Movers in Ajmer have a team of hard working, efficient and punctual workers who deliver on time. Teams of House Shifting Services in Ajmer have modern techniques of packing and transporting your expensive and valuable belongingings.


People who relocate from two tier cities to metros cities usually do so in search of beer job or for higher studies. Many are fresher, just out of college moving o metros for a good job and a better standard of livings. We truly understand your budget constraints. It is a very normal and understandable thing.  We completely understand that expenditure on relocating the entire household can be high and sometimes even out of your budget. Especially such situations arise in front of students who have other important expenditures to handle like college fees and hostel rent which combined makes a huge amount. So in this article we would like to give you some tips which you can follow to do the packing on your own and save your valuable money for other unavoidable expenses. The tips are as follows:-


  1. Look into your household goods and pick out those things that you won’t need in your new house. Dismantle these things as the first step. It will reduce the unwanted bulk in your luggage.

  2. Make a list of all the items of your household. Include each and every thing that needs to be packed. It is advisable to make this list room wise as it would be easier for you to rearrange them in your new house. Examine the bulk of the luggage and see what number and size of boxes will you need for the job. This is how the Professionals from Packers and Movers in Ajmer do the packing.  

  3. See if anything you have that could be used for packing so that you save money on packing material too. An intelligent decision for sure. Things like old newspaper, old clothes, towels, blankets, shredded paper, etc can be very much handy in packing. Thought hiring Movers and Packers in Ajmer is a good option but packing can be completed on your own also, but you have to be extra careful till the end.

  4. Buy packing material like boxes, tapes, ropes, etc as per your needs. There are many blogs and articles on the internet from which you can take help in making the list for the packing material.

  5. Wrap breakable items in old clothes and then pack them to save them from breakage.  Stuff old socks in glass items so that they are easily packed in a scratch proof way.  Wrap unbreakable things in newspaper as they are unbreakable but not scratch proof. You don’t want unwanted scratches on your sofa and tables, right! Workers of House Shifting Services in Ajmer have flair in doing such breakage proof packing.

  6. We would recommend that you hire House shifting Services in Ajmer to pack the bigger items like bed, refrigerator, T.V., etc. Packers and Movers in Ajmer are professional in every way.

  7. If you are a parent and want to send a new laptop to your son in his hostel, you can hire Courier Services in Ajmer for delivering small packages. Courier Services in Ajmer are punctual and security oriented in delivering the goods at the right place.

  8. It is always advisable that you hire Movers and Packers in Ajmer or Courier Services in Ajmer for transporting your goods.


Doing packing on your own does have its monetary benefits but things are more nicely and smoothly done by professional hands. We take pride in our customer service and the ability to retain our clients. Feel free to book our services for a smooth and hassle free relocating.

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