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Storage Facilities of Movers and Packers in Jodhpur

The Sun City of Rajasthan, Known as the prosperous oasis in the Thar Desert. Being the city of famous Marwari Business Community known for their good customer handling skills; the people here have an inbuilt courteous and client serving nature. They will gain and maintain your trust in the truest way and will never let you down. If they promise you, they will fulfil it. Top 7 Movers and Packers India are gaining ground in the city as they are proving to be a very good and efficient helping aid in the process of shifting and relocating. They are making at least one dimension of your life easier .i.e. the dimension concerning packing and relocating.

We totally understand that the thing that worries you the most is the time being storage and handling of your valuable goods. Questions like this stress your mind: -

  1. My new house is not yet ready, where will I put my goods for the time being?
  2. How can I save my goods from adverse climatic conditions when under relocation process?
  3. How can I travel light?
  4. How can I save my good from theft if I leave the city for an official task?

All these questions will vanish once you hire a good reliable Movers and Packers in Jodhpur. They have well designed spacious warehouses for storing your goods. These warehouse are multi-storeyed and have ample of storage capacities. The temperature is cool and these huge storerooms have a fabulous infrastructure and facilities. Some important features of their infrastructure are as follows: -

  1. Enormous Space: - Spacious storerooms having: - (I) Private storage where you have access to your goods at any time. The goods are stored in separate rooms having lockers. You can keep your valuables or goods that you may need at anytime, here. (ii) Public Storage where you will be allotted a separate space in a large common room. The private storage is little expensive but worth the cost.
  2. Reliable Security: - They will be 4 to 5 men guards on duty round the clock. These men will guard and patrol the premises and will have trained watch dogs with them. The warehouses of Packers Movers in Jodhpur are mounted with security surveillance cameras, inside as well as outside of the building and gates. There are security booths and fog lights at every gate. All goods undergo security and quality check on entering and exiting the premises of the building. This registration is done in detail by noting down all the specifications of the item. Entry of persons is via gate pass. Good fire fighting equipments are kept around the building and the whole premise is well equipped with fire alarms. Packers and Movers in Jodhpur pay special attention to fire fighters as the temperature of the city goes very high and there are good chances of fire accidents due to it.
  3. Clean and Tidy: - The goods and items are kept in a well organised manner. Proper and regular dusting and vacuuming is done of the whole place. Insecticides and pesticides are sprayed and regular pest controls are done to keep pests at bay. Packers and Movers Jodhpur are very knowledgeable about the hygiene factor.
  4. Electricity and Communication System: - Mostly there are three different power phases and so the building never steeps into darkness and become vulnerable to thieves. The buildings of warehouses are well lit and have fog lights on its boundary walls.

Regarding the communication system, there are multi phone lines which are direct and without any operator in between. Therefore there is uninterrupted speedy connection and guarantee of complete privacy.

  1. Good Utility Area: - There are good well seated lobby, staff quarters, well equipped and fully functional wash rooms and bath areas.
  2. Temperature Maintenance: - The warehouses and storehouses of Packers Movers in Jodhpur are cool and free from excess of heat, humidity and cold. There are adequate ventilations, fans, room heaters and other temperature maintaining devices. So your goods won’t erode due to adverse climate.
  3. Inventory Management System: - The inventory management system of Movers and Packers in Jodhpur is of top quality. All their operations and records are kept in electronic form. These Packers and Movers Jodhpur use the best quality of software for their inventories which are password secured.

So what do you say! Movers and Packers Jodhpur have full circle storage facilities. Packers and Movers in Jodhpur are active in their work, quick in problem solving and attentive to their client’s needs and demands. I am sure you will find a reliable and affordable storage service provider by our website. If in doubt please call us without blinking an eye, we will be happy to serve you and make you relaxed.